This is Raul. He was the winner of our Sunday School contest, so he and 2 friends were treated to fun and pizza at Chuck E Cheese.

This is Karen, his sister. She was one of his friends that he brought along.

This is Danielito. He needed a haircut, so after Chuck E Cheese, we brought the kids to our house where everyone got to play, eat ice cream, and Danielito got a haircut.

This is AJ. He is hot and sticky and needs a nap.

This is Olivia (not pictured). She avoids pictures at all cost, and the "Olivia, obey mommy. . . smile" ones don't usually turn out anyways.

When we took Raul and his friends to Chuck E Cheese, I thought to myself what a picture of grace. Raul won. He met all the requirements. He did the work. He didn't miss an opportunity to get points. Yet, Karen and Danielito were running around having a great time. They enjoyed everything Raul got to enjoy. They ate pizza. They played games. They redeemed their tickets for little plastic insects and bubbles. Danielito even got a haircut! They didn't hesitate to enjoy the day because they didn't win the prize for themselves... Raul won and that was all they needed to get in on all the fun. I needed to see this picture flashed before my eyes this week because this frazzled brain of mine is always struggling to take my eyes off of my works and set my eyes on the finished work of Christ. I have a hard time living by grace and not by works. Work is exhausting. Grace is inspiring.


So Happy Together!
The Millans Color Easter Eggs
***Don't miss the BONUS video!***
Alternate Subtitle:
When the box says "Ages 3 and up"... don't ask questions

The Millan Family:

(left to right: AJ, Blue Bear, Mommy, Olivia, Lamby, Daddy)

Olivia was SO PROUD of her pink egg!

Woa! Who is that woman? Mommy made it in a picture!

Back to Daddy and the kids... yes, Olivia, I see your pink egg!


The Beach!!
We came. We saw. We left.

My mom and sisters are here for Spring Break, so we packed a picnic and headed to the beach yesterday. Before all the dear friends of mine who are still staring at snow and slosh throw a virtual tomato at me, let me assure you it was not a day to break out our bikinis.
AJ and daddy feeding the birdies
Olivia keeping warm with Kaitlin and Danielle

Daddy whisking everyone back to the warm car... after and exciting 10 minutes of sand and wind.

"We'll be taking that to-go"


Product Review

Olivia's art stuff box was looking pretty pathetic and uninspiring with her little crayon bucket and watercolors that looked like various shades of brownish-something. It was definately time to add markers and paint :) to the mix! I also picked up these TaDoodles for AJ thinking it would be better than explaining to the nursery workers exactly why my son's mouth is green and blue.

These markers are very cute, but they are a pain. First of all, they are bottom heavy, so they are always upright. That might seem great in light of less mess for the floor or table, but when your child (AJ's age) grabs it, he grabs it from the top. You always have to place the marker in his hand just so. Then when he is holding it right side down, it needs to be at just the right angle to write. He scribbled with it for a few seconds and went for sister's blue and green markers. Olivia had fun with the cute little animal markers, but since it is marketed to the 18m+ crowd I thought it should work a little better for AJ.

Conclusion: You'd be better off buying yourself a White Chocolate Mocha Latte :)


Sunday Night. . . Part 2
Shortly after I cleaned up the carnage from the Yogurt War, Alex came home with a special prize he picked up on the van route. A parent gave us a basketball hoop that her kids had outgrown! Yeah! This video will give you a little more insight as to how emotions run high in the Millan home on Sunday night.


Just Keepin' it Real
Does anyone else feel like pulling their hair out during the bewitching hour between coming home from church and putting the kiddos to bed?

Tonight I sat Olivia and AJ down for a post-church snack while I hurried to whip up a batch of tortillas for my wonderfully worn-out husband who was still out running the evening van route. Somehow, things got ugly while my back was turned and when I finally turned around, the yogurt war was already in full swing.

I don't know who started it, but I think that when it comes to yogurt wars, he who ends up with both spoons-- wins.