Happy Valentine's Day!


Cypress Gardens

I figured that it was time for the kid's wildlife experience to go beyond seeing the fishies and lobsters at Wal-Mart, so we headed up to Moncks Corner to visit Cypress Gardens.

Our first stop... The Butterfly Garden! A little nerve racking since the gift shop lady's parting words to me were "oh, and just don't touch the butterflies... they say if you do they die or something". I certainly don't want to be responsible for the untimely death of a poor little butterfly. The kids were very good, and I am happy to report that no butterflies were harmed during the Millan visit.

Next Stop. . . the Nile Crocodile. Olivia wasn't very enthusiastic about these creatures, but any Little Einstein buff can appreciate the NILE CROCODILE.

They also had an aquarium, a giant tortoise named Pedro, birdies, and a boat ride!! I wish I had pictures of the boat ride, but I was sitting in a canoe with a 15 month old and a 2 year old. . . need I say more.

(I mostly took video, but am having a hard time uploading all but one... if I can figure it out, I'll post the others later)