Hellooooo! Is anybody still there?
So obviously I'm not a committed blogger. Actually, my blogging time has usually fallen into the evening time slot where I have been plagued with EVENING SICKNESS this pregnancy. While I might not be hovering over the toilet all morning as I did for my first two babies, I am sitting on the big chair staring at the wall and trying not to think of anything gross all evening. . . wishing I would just throw up and be done with it. Being on the computer for any length of time makes the nausea even worse. Weird. Enough of the excuse making and onto the reason for this post... another FUNNY from Olivia!!! Enjoy!
Olivia was given a piece of watermelon after church tonight. She handed it back to me and said:
"Mommy, can I have another piece of watermelon? This one has beans in it."

(Does anyone remember when the only option out there was a watermelon with "beans" in it?)

The kids treated daddy to Smokeybones on Father's Day.

VBS is this week! Captain Millan and Lieutenant Leah reporting for duty!