What's in a Name?

Ultra Sound Day!!!! For me, this was the most anticipated day of mid-pregnancy! I woke up like it was Christmas morning. My outfit was already picked out and ironed. This was the day we would find out if we were having a boy or a girl. This was a special day. We first planned to have breakfast at Crackerbarrel, then off to the appointment, then (in holding with the tradition set forth by Ultra Sound Day of our first born) we would go to Target to pick out an appropriate outfit just to kick off the season of preparation and planning (I have a great husband who puts up with this stuff-- so long as it's a DAY). We both had our guesses. We both had gone back and forth about why it would be great to have another girl, or why it would be great to have a boy. Well, it was time for all the wondering to rest. As the ultrasound tech. clicked away, she asked if we wanted to know what the gender was. We said we did, and she quickly returned with "It's definately a boy". Alex's face seemed to light up his corner of the room as he adjusted Olivia on his lap and excitedly informed her that she was going to have a baby brother. Yes, the man-child was on his way. I just stared at the ceiling and realized that I needed to snap out of girl mode. This meant that the list of 10 beautifully designed girl names had to be put on the shelf for the time being. I am lovin' the baby boy clothes, I have great ideas for his little room, and I am so excited about making reference to "my son". However-- I am stumped on what to name the little guy! We have an idea, but I don't LOVE it like I LOVED the name Olivia Faith. We want to include the name Alexander, but not as his first name. Family names are out (or maybe little "Bobby Leroy Alexander" isn't so bad). Boy names can't really be too "out there"-- at least that's not our style. A boy just needs a good solid name-- but good solid boy names aren't as interesting as beautiful girl names. I know this isn't the most important thing-- but then again this is just mamma millan sounding off.