Clara Evangelina Millan
December 21
7lbs 2oz

It's hard to believe that little Clara is already 2 weeks old today! She actually arrived on the day that I jokingly predicted by averaging the days that Olivia and AJ came early and subtracting them from her actual due date and rounding the date to the nearest Sunday (since Sunday is not the most convenient day for a pastor's kid to be born). Pretty scientific, I know.
I had random blocks of contractions Saturday night, and stayed awake timing them all night. Fortunately for me it was Chefography marathon night on Food Network! At 5 a.m. I was ready to go to the hospital. At 11:20ish, it was time to push. Clara was not coming as quickly as they thought that she would, and her heart rate began to drop. After about 10 minutes of pushing, everything got a little intense. I was able to take my sweet time with AJ, but with Clara, I sensed the urgency from the doctor to get her out ASAP. Thank the Lord, she arrived safely 10 minutes later-- and she was sooooo cute!