Camp Grandma

I can barely write the title of this without feeling a big lump in my throat! This morning, I waved goodbye as my little "Tookers" was wisked away for 2 weeks of "Camp Grandma". My mom and two sisters were here visiting this past week. We moved into a new apartment yesterday, and so it was suggested to me that perhaps it would be helpful for all if mom took Olivia back to Alabama with her so that I can get settled in our new place. I cried as I said goodbye (all the while trying to avoid the "ugly cry"), and I was fine for the next few hours UNTIL I went to put my makeup on. When I put my makeup on, I hand the bag to Olivia and she takes it and plops down in front of the mirror. She sits there on my lap and rummages through my bag of goodies. She plays with the blush brush, and hands me things. She will take the lipstick and "put some on" me and then her (of course, she doesn't know to take the lid off yet). Olivia is going to have a great time at "Camp Grandma". She has her two aunties and Papa Dan and Papa and GG (great grandma)-- not to mention she will get to see her big strong uncle Jon and his "friend" Gina. I will have a great chance to set up everything in our apartment, and actually go on a date or two with the wonderful man I married. So what "mamma lesson" have I already gleaned from this experience? Give me the all the work all the frustrations, all the early mornings, all the embarrasing moments, all the headaches, all the insecurities, all those things that come with babies-- Just so long as I have the little "make-up moments". Little Olivia is a precious precious sweet gift to our family. We can't wait to get her back :)


Mamma's Strawberry Pie

Have you ever had Shoney's strawberry pie?? Even though I haven't been to that restaurant since I turned 13 (you don't eat free after 13), the sweet memories of Shoney's strawberry pie lingers in my mind. Well, that sweet memory made it's way to my tastebuds recently and turned into a big-time craving! The tricky thing with this pie is that it is a "seasonal" pie, meaning-- they have it when they have it. Well-- any other time in life I could probably wait a year for the next round of pies to be offered-- but this pregnant lady needed some of that pie! Not to be discouraged, I just made it myself as I thought I remembered it-- all the while thinking: 'This is just too simple, it's not going to be the same". Ha Ha! When all was said and done-- it turned out exactly as I remembered it!!!!! So-- for anyone else out there craving strawberry pie-- I will share my recipe with you.

Strawberry Pie:

Bake a Wal-Mart frozen pie crust (according to the instructions for a pre-baked crust). Rinse 2 packages of fresh strawberries and cut off the green tops. Pat them dry a little bit and then add a little tub of that strawberry glaze. Mix it all together and dump it in the cooled crust. Serve with whipped cream. MMMMMM... I love this pie!

(Note: don't go overboard on the strawberry goo (it doesn't taste that good anyways)-- just use enough so that it coats the strawberries-- (you might not use the whole tub)


Mamma Pics

Ready for a day at the beach!

What am I going to look like by October??!
Olivia is helping dad take out the trash (she's just going the wrong way)

Olivia, mamma caught you!
Dad and Olivia are sneakin' in a few swings after church!


When my husband handed me a box and said "this is full of baby clothes someone is selling", I received it with gladness and immediately started rummaging through the contents therein. BEAUTIFUL clothes in BEAUTIFUL condition from stores I might buy a hairbow from during their semi-annual clearance sales! SCORE! I'm talking OUTFITS already coordinated and fastened together for $3.00. PLUS-- Olivia needs clothes for the upcoming winter because we are no longer in a climate where the child can practically go barefoot 9 months out of the year. As I added clothes to my "to keep" pile, I was thinking "We are saving soooo much money! This is great! I think that we are even getting first dibbs on this stuff! This is just great!" Well-- when all was said and done, I added up the prices to the grand total of $87.00. Uhhhh.... sooo... I guess everything does add up. Not to worry! That was just round one. I went through the clothes one more time for the second cut, and whittled down the bounty to a price my husband wouldn't laugh at. In the end-- What a blessing!!!