4 Years....

... and Counting
Alex and Leah
Jan. 31. 2004


This Little Girl....

I owe my first laugh of the day to little Olivia. She had a stuffy nose, so when she greeted me this morning she whispered "Mommy I have bread in my nose".


A Fun Day Together

We set out to go to a lake today, but ended up at the first canal built in America. I don't remember the name of it, and I don't feel like going to the car right now and getting the brochure. Nevertheless, it was a wide open space with lots of bridges where the kids could run and look at the water and run and look at a bird and run some more. Olivia and AJ were savoring the great outdoors! It was better than a playground.


We Have a Climber!

I lowered Olivia's kitchen so our little Iron Chef AJ could cook up a few things, but he found an even better use of the range!
This look kills me everytime. It is accomplishment, mischief, curiosity, and "mom's -gonna-love-this-one" all wrapped up in one goofy little grin!