Vacation Bible School 2007

Por el Mundo con Jesus
(Around the World with Jesus)

We had a great week of VBS last week! The theme was "Around the World with Jesus". The different age groups visited different "countries" every day and learned about different aspects of the journey (adventure- Abraham, loyalty-Ruth, bravery- Esther, hardship- Paul, and preparation- Moses). The countries were Ireland, Mexico, Papau New Guinea, India, and Japan.
We were in charge of the Mexico room (surprise surprise!) and taught the kids about the apostle Paul and how sometimes we have to go through hard times to be a witness. Hard times can also be good times because God uses them to clean my heart and make me ready to help others! We taught in the morning during the English VBS, and then after lunch we had another VBS in Spanish. Two friends from Hermosillo, Mexico came to help us as well as my new friend Judy whose dad is a Spanish pastor nearby. We had a great week of ministering together! The Spanish VBS was especially fun because the kids had never experienced anything like it before. We emphasized the Wordless Book everyday and the kids received points for wearing the "color of the day" everyday (does that sound familiar Beth Ann?). Alex was Capitan Millan (the good guy), and I was Señor Pecador (Mr Sin) who did not believe the Bible. Whenever Señor Pecador showed up, all the kids stood up to sing Yo creo la Biblia...la Palabra de Dios (I believe the Bible, the Word of God). Some of Señor Pecador's friends also came. Doña Vanidad (Madam Vanity) who was too consumed in herself to share the Gospel; La Floja (Lazy) who is too lazy to share the Gospel, and La Miedosa (Fearful) who is too scared to share the Gospel. We had a great week with all the kids! We appreciated the puppet team who made the effort to do their puppet play in Spanish every day. It is wonderful how the the people at Northside are so incredibly supportive of the Spanish ministry.
Thanks to all who prayed! Three of the children accepted Christ on Wednesday and the father of two of the kids came to the program on Sunday and got saved. Praise the Lord for providing all the help and strength we needed to get through last week.

Our Future Capitan Millan

Misael didn't miss a day

Alex teaching in the Mexico room.

"Bienvenidos" means "Welcome"

Rally Time

Luis and Alexis enjoying Game Time

This was a favorite game of the week: Each child had a picture or a number taped to his back and they had to guess what the other had with their hands behind their backs. It was so funny to see them hopping around and trying to peek at the other person's picture without giving away what was on their back!

Craft Time
Snack Time
The kids are Hearing the story of Ruth in the Japan Room

Monica and Karen having fun at the Saturday Carnival
Miriam enjoying a snow cone at the Carnival
Capitan Millan in the Dunk Tank!

Plenty of Tickets = Plenty of Candy!

Francio was one of our little guys and he was all smiles all week long!

Some of the moms came to the Carnival, and a few ladies from the church were able to sit with and minister to them while all the kiddos had fun.

The kids sang during the Sunday morning program. After that, they received a certificate of participation. The parents were all invited to a special lunch in the gym where we feasted on Tostadas. The tables were decorated with the Wordless Bood colors (Green table coverings, red and yellow napkins, black construction paper place mats and white styrofoam plates).


Back, but not for Long

My mom kindly requested an updated post today, and I will admit that blogging has been one of the farthest things from my mind these past several weeks (spot cleaning the carpet would have to come in a close second to that). But let the world fall apart around me, and on with the post!

The past few weeks could be summed up into 3 categories: Nonnie's Visit, Sick Kiddos, and VBS prep.

Alex's mom and grandma came to visit a few weeks ago. "Nonnie" thoroughly enjoyed her newest grandson. One very special treat was when his grandma made a pile of fresh flour tortillas! AAAAAAhhhhh! I was amazed at how beautifully round and perfect each one was-- then again she's been making tortillas for 60+ years! This is just a random picture that is amusing to me. Olivia came around the corner with AJ in her little baby stroller! What a pair!

The little darlings were so sick for what seemed like the longest time! I can now add "Nose Sucker (I think the technical term is bulb siringe) Technician" to my mamma resume! It takes some skills to get all those boogies out when you are groggy and cross-eyed at 2 a.m. I got a kick out of Olivia wanting to take Lamby's temperature, and AJ getting attached to his medicine dropper!

I snapped this picture this morning before we headed out the door to run some VBS errands. It starts next week, English in the morning and then Spanish in the afternoon!



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