Excuses! Excuses!

Maybe I should really crack down on my 3 year old's habit of getting out of bed. Yes, I should probably "nip it", but then I wouldn't get to hear the great excuses she comes up with for getting up and finding me! My favorites so far. . .
1. Mommy, I just want you to come turn the dark off
2. Mommy, I think the Wonder Pets are in my room
3. Mommy, my fairy has to go poo-poo
4. Mommy, my feet are woosling


Olivia Starts Preschool!

This was a big morning for Miss Olivia as she started K-3 today!! She will be going in with daddy at 8, and then coming home with him at 11:00 for lunch. This morning didn't go as I had dreamed it would. Of course, I had visions of hot cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, and pictures to chronicle this special day. Wouldn't you know it, the alarm clock didn't go off and we were in a rush rush. Daddy did give our school girl a piece of cinnamon toast and "coffee" (warm milk with sugar and a shot of Folgers). Hopefully we can do much better by the time K-5 rolls around!
Wearing the polka-dotted shirt she picked out for the first day
Olivia finds her seat

Mommy and her big girl
In all the rush, AJ never got his hair gelled. lol.
After getting Olivia situated in her class, AJ and I went to the Super BiLo grand opening down the road from our house. I basically went for all the free goodies, but with a few coupons I managed to come home with all this stuff for $3. Praise the Lord!


I don't have a picture to accompany this post. I wish I did, but I don't. As an expectant stay-at-home mom of 2 children ages 3 and 20months, my days are filled with. . . well, I don't really know what they are filled with. . . but I sure am tired by the end of it all. Sometimes I'm discouraged. Sometimes I'm fearful. Sometimes I'm weepy. Sometimes I'm "fed-up". And sometimes, like tonight, I laugh out loud right before I turn in for the night remembering a moment that wasn't so funny at the time. What brought the impromtu smile to my face? Earlier today, I heard a scuffle in the living room while I was changing over the laundry in the laundry room. Grrrr. . .that's it. somebody is going to get it. [Here's where I smile (though at that time I was still grrr...ing inside).] My little boy turns the corner with an unforgettable grimace on his face and a green crayon streak running down his cheek. I guess when it came to Battle Crayons, sister won. Unfortunately for Olivia, the arm of the sofa was not quite as washable as her little brother.


Baby Update

The Millans will be swimming in PINK once again as we prepare for the arrival of a baby GIRL. Yes, the big ultra-sound was this past Monday, and even though the big gender question was at the forefront of our minds, we are thankful that little CLARA (middle name still pending) is looking healthy and strong. I think that the ultra sound tech might have even picked up on a slight stubborn streak as baby did not wish to be photographed. She did manage to wave once before shooing us all off and burying her head in the depths mom's innards. The picture below is so funny to me. A little scary. Nevertheless, a full front-facing smile.