To Grandmother's House They Go...

. . .And it is so much easier to plan it than to actually kiss those soft little sweet cheeks goodbye. Why can't I remember their picky-eating, toy-tugging, stinky-pooping, bossing-brother, hitting-sister, mommy-maddening ways as we wave goodbye? Instead, everything I absolutely love about my life with them is all that comes to mind.
Olivia was so excited about going to grandma's house, she helped me pack her bags. AJ didn't really get it. He was interested in his personal little camoflauge snack bag full of grapes and crackers.
As hard as it was to see them go, I am so thankful my mom was able to help us in this way. I would rather they be away for a little while than stay here where I'm neither taking care of them nor myself.
Today was genuinely restful. Alex drove me to Target to get a few last-minute items and fresh air. I decided we needed a few extra newborn sleepers. Though we usually just use whatever is given to us-- which has always been PLENTY, Clara is going to be a wee little thing and will probably be in newborn clothes a little longer than Olivia and AJ were. I also threw in a pack of infant hairbands. Whew! We would hate to be caught off-guard in that area =)


Janelle said...

Oooooh I can feel the excitement building! I'm sure I'm not near as excited as you and your family, but am truly excited for you! Will be praying for you during these anxious times!

Sara said...

Can't wait to see pics of that precious baby!

fduaneb said...

And Great Grandma is having the time of her life watching kiddos and Grandma have fun with each other! Hope they are feeling better so I can see them at church before they return home.
Mrs. B. :)