A First for the Baby Book.....

...Olivia's First Broken Bone!

We spent Thanksgiving in Alabama with my family. Shortly after the feast had been spread, Olivia rolled off the couch. It didn't seem like a big deal, but she wasn't moving around like her normal 2 year-old self. When we got home on Saturday night, she didn't want me to touch her at all. I called her doctor and explained everything to him, and he said that she probably has a hairline fracture somewhere. So, Olivia and I headed down to MUSC Children's Emergency Room. We were greeted by nurses that know the characters on every children's program that exists and showered with stickers and children's books. I was even pleasantly suprised that I fit in a child's wheelchair (Olivia would have nothing to do with sitting in that thing by herself). She has a small fracture on her collar bone, and just needs to keep it still.... as still as a 2 year old can possibly get!


Olivia's Favorite Dress

This is Olivia's first favorite dress. My grandmother made it for my little sister, so it is somewhat of an heirloom. She wore it to church today, and she will probably want to wear it again tomorrow. I've had to add tights, an undershirt, and a sweater just so she can still wear it with the chilly weather setting in. One day, I will probably pull this little dress out of a box and cry. Until then, I'll just let her wear it till it can be worn no more.


MMMM... sometimes I suprise myself, and this Cranberry Cinnamon Tea Ring definately turned out pretty delicioso! The tea ring was a favorite in our house growing up. Grandma would crank out about 4 of these at one time, and they would be gone in no time. The only gripe I had was that it had rasins, and not being a big fan of rasins I purposed to make mine without rasins when I grew up... and that I did.... until now! Kneading DRIED CRANBERRIES into the sweet dough gives it a tart little punch and a nice festive look. Just be sure to let your cranberries sit in some hot water for a little while so they plump up and don't dry out while baking.


Soccer Season is upon us, and we are thoroughly enjoying it! Even though AJ and Olivia aren't old enough to (officially) play yet, several families from the Spanish ministry have kids on a team, so we have been going to the practices, kicking balls around, getting in the way of things, and eating snacks!

AJ playing with his Mexican soccer ball that daddy brought back for him from the missions trip.
"Are you going to eat all of those?"
Fun watching all the little athletes