Little Mamma

Olivia is already a little nurturer. Here her little Lamby is snuggly tucked in the swing with a blanket and a "bookie". This sweet scene brought a smile to my morning.


The Polls are Open

I'm ready to settle this once and for all. . .
Who does AJ look like?


The Kiddos

Squeeky squealin' clean!

Earlier this evening, I was sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful spring weather, Olivia was saying hi to all the puppies that passed by our house, and AJ was perfecting his bubble spitting skills. Just when I thought that the moment couldn't be any more perfect, Olivia looked up at me with the cutest "I have the best idea in the world" look on her face and said "eye queen?" (translation: ice cream). Ah yes-- a final touch to a fresh spring evening!

Olivia is helping mommy with AJ's bath. (note to grandma: AJ was NOT in the tub when I took this picture)

My little gardener!

Back in Business!

I would like to be the first to welcome myself back to the wonderful world of blogging! We have been without internet at the house for the past several weeks....hmmm funny how those things happen when you don't (ahem-- better word would be REFUSE to) pay the bill.... so much for trying to take a stand against the big guys who.... oh well, no need for silly details. Will be posting soon... dinner must go on even though mamma has internet once again :)


Zoo Adventures!

This past Monday, Alex attended a pastor's conference in Irmo, SC where our dear friends Steve and Beth Ann Johns are serving. Aaron and Stephanie Coffey were also there, so it was an extra special treat to reconnect with them. While the men folk attended the conference, Beth Ann, Stephanie, and I headed off to a day of fun at the zoo.
So this may not be the most flattering angle of our gorilla friend, but you can imagine that as soon as that big hairy beast turned around, Olivia took flight across the room to her mamma.

Olivia-- taking it all in!

Olivia looking at the E'-fwas (translated: elephants)

You know you are a mom when the "does this make me look fat" question is replaced by the "does this make me look like I'm trying to repopulate the world" question. And I just have two babies!